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My Journey

Date:- 17th May 2004,

At Hyderbad:- I left for the plane at 7:45 AM . Couldnt get any transport so walked and at some distance fond and auto and changed to another auto at KPHB and reached the airport at 8:30 Am . I went in and all check in procedure was completed without any problem.

There were many people like me travlling alone. 2 girls(cute and cool) of my age also were travelling to Dammam in the same plane alone.

I kept messaging my friends on sms (Srikanth and Rafiq), but couldnt continue for long as the battery went off.

Flight(Emirates EK-527):- Then it was boarding time. I went into the plane and sat in my economic class seat and started listening to songs on radio. 22 music channels and 18 tv channel on flight.

Then after the flight started there were movies on the tv, like "Brother bear","Along came polly","barber shop 2" and many more in many languages. I saw Brother bear.

Then came breakfast . Ate some and took a chocolate and left remaining. let me tell u that the flight food is very bad. if u are airsick never opt for that food coz it leads to vomittings.

There was a lot of turbulance during the flight. Many of the passengers were running to the restrooms for throwing up. I was fine till the flight was over coz I slept to ignore the feeling. When I got up I fell sick and I too threw up.

At Dubai airport(Duty Free shops):- Then got down the plane and I was in "Dubai"( It was a break journey from Hyd to Dubai then 3 hours stay and then continution from dubai to Dammam.)

The time difference between Dubai and Hyderabad was 1.5 Hours. Which means Dubai is 1 and half hour behind our time. 1:30 at India is 12:00 noon at Dubai.

Then as I was to stay there in DUBAI for 3 hrs. I looked in the DUTY FREE shops . As I like Digital goods I went into that section and stayed there for 1 hour.

There were Digital cameras none < 1000 Dirhams , Playstation 2 worth 790 dirhams, Cellphones, Comics & WWE magazines each worth 500 Rupees(45 Dirhams). and many many toys and attractive things and chocolates of course . As it was Lunch time I bought a chocolate and ate it for Lunch. I bought "Toblerone"(1.75 Dhrms)( Shwetha's Favourite) and ate it for another hour.

then One thing I observed was that where ever I went the girl I mentioned Earlier( Cute one ,not small girl) was following me all the time . Maybe she was trying to talk to me , but I couldnt start as u all know.

Then I went and sat near the 11th gate waiting for my flight. She also sat for the plane.

Flight(Emirates Ek-825):- Then I went into the flight . It was very empty. I could sit anywhere but I preferred sitting in my seat. That girl was 2 seats ahead of me. I just slept the whole flight and when I woke up we were again affected by turbulence and u can guess what next!!!

At Dammam:- I reached Dammam. A warning was given to the passngers that Alchohol and drugs and strictly prohibited . I went to the customs person in a big line but the officer moved me to a shorter line . So my checking was soon over and I was out. But I was not totally out. The officers were opening each and every suspicious baggage fully and checking if anything illegal was present. It took around one hour for me to reach exit.

They saw my MP3 Player and PS2 Game Cds and the Mp3 Cd, which I brought for my friend at hyderabad but he couldnt come to take it before my leaving for the flight, and they took it for checking. The man was so serious . he was saying "u got SEX photos in the cds?" I said no but he took my cd away for checking and also my mp3 player. I felt like i wont get it back. but the man said they will check and return , then i felt happy.

Then my parents and Brother were waiting for me . I was out and reached home by 6:30 PM Saudi time.

The Dammam and India time differ by 2.5 Hours. Similarly like Dubai time varies by 1.5 hours.

That day I wasnt feeling fine I slept early on my 7 inch thick Matress bed.

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Day 1

Date:- 18th May 2004,

Morning I slept for long time . Then when I got up I was feeling a little bit fine compared to the previous day. Then I saw the house nicely and saw that each room has and AC and front room had 2 AC . kitchen also had an AC. The fridge was so large that i could fit into the lofswer portion easily.

There was so many tings to eat in the fridge. Then I took my Bath in the Bath tub and dressed up and saw tv.

We get >500 Different channels here Most of them are foreign language channels. Some are Game Channels, Cartoon Channels, Music Channels, Radio channels, Adult Channels(Locked in SAUDI), and for pay channels we have all indian channels like * plus and Z tv and sony also.

In the evening We went to Dolphin Village. There Were many rides. It was free. It was beside and Big Lake or something. Then dolphin show started at 9 pm. for fotos taken in the show click here

The Sea Lion Appeared first. It was Very Very Big it was twice my height in length, Very well trained. It gave catches to us with ball and as very less people were there it gave a hance to each and evryone . I took as many Photos as possible (86 Photos) But only few were clear fotos. Overall it was very entertaining.

Then appeared the real star, The Dolphin. It was very fast and active. It jumped very high out of the water and it dragged a boat with one child on it and so many things it did.

We had a chance to take a photo with the dolphin out of water but he was asking 50 Riyals(650 rupees) for one photo. I said no need and we went.

Then we left for the Picnic area. we sat beside the shore and enjoyed our dinner there. There were starfishes and small tortoises crawling on the shore. Then we returned home at around 11 PM Saudi time. So I couldnt keep my word of coming online to chat at 9 pm IST .

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Day 2

Date:- 19th May 2004,

Today I woke up even more late and was feeling even better. Every day we eat ice cream after lunch. Ice cream is very cheap here, we get 2 for the price of one and one pack of 2 litre icecreams is Rs.100 . The day went casually and in the evening we went out for some simple shopping and returned and slept.

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Day 3

Date:- 20th May 2004,

Today woke up early at 7:30 and freshened up. Then in the evening at around 4 pm we left house and went for shopping for Music system. We looked in some 3 shops for music systems all were very cheap. A music sytem from Panasonic with 14 speakers , 5 DVD/VCD/CD-R/CD-RW/Mp3/wma/Jpg player and 2 tape and 7000 Watts Speakers was ultimate black model and was priced at only 1450 Riyals(17,000 Rupees).

But we already had our Ps2 which is also a DVD player so we didnt go for itt + we required Optical input.

Then when we entered the 4 th shop i saw one model and after some time I fell down bcoz of sunstroke. They provided me seat and water . But we continued Shopping after sometime.

And finally we took the model PANASONIC SC-Vk50 which has 5 VCD/Mp3/CD-R/CD-Rw and 2 tapes 4 speakers with 3200 Watts surround and many other super feture which i never saw in any other models it was priced at 790 Riyals.

Then we kept it back at home and resumed our shopping at another shopping mall. Here we bought a digital Av reciever fro 720 riyals. It has many many uses. It takes inputs from nearly 4 devices and gives output to any other device or to its speakers which supports DTS, Dolby Prolgic and many other surround sound environments. So by this now we have a Home theatre system.

After the buying we went to a send off party for one indian family living here and then returned home.

After returning I and my brother connected all the Deck, Reciever, Tv, and Ps2 and tested the output till 1 am(saudi time) in the night.

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Day 4

Date:- 21th May 2004,

Today I woke up at 8 AM and tried to find someone online bt no one was online. So i called one friend(rafiq) and he came instantly online to chat. I saw the offline messgaes and wrote them some replies. Enjoyed the Deck for sometime.

In the Evening we again went for shopping and bought some eatables and other decorative pieces. I bought some new things for my cell phone which my friends will see in the college. I bought some more of the glowing Aliens and Comets and stars(around 200 pieces for 100 Rs) to stick in the house for night time glowing and also bought some Dvd movies like "Lord of the rings" all three movies on one DVD and "Finding Nemo" And other two movies in one Dvd and 4 movie collection of Rowan Atkinson(Mr.BEAN).

Even today I was feeling a little bit sick.

we shopped and then after the shopping we went to another party which was actually a pooja of telugu people . we all telugu family people met there and enjoyed. Then slept at home after returning.

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Day 5

Date:- 22th May 2004,

Today woke up late and and we then saw some movies on the Dvd like finding Nemo and Lord of the rings and Johnny English and enjoyed in the evening. I was a little bit feeling even better.We didnt go out.

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Day 6

Date:- 23th May 2004,

Today I got up at 9 am and bathe and I was feeling 90 percent recovered from my being Sick. And then played Pac Man world 2 for 3 hours and then started creating the site and evening went for a walk at around 8:30 PM to get our Playstation 2 repaired . Though it was sunday we didnt see any of the TV shows.

We went walking for about 3 Km and bought a remote control for our digital reciever and some kitchen items and Took some excellent looking pastries in a very big bakery. then we returned home and saw music channels on TV till 1 am. We left the PS2 for repair so our plans of watching movie was postponed.

Here Vcd renting is very costly . We looked for "Main Hoon Na" VCD . All VCDs were original VCDs (only one copy to rent) and the rent was SR 10 with SR 50 for deposit.(1 SR = 12.75 RS). All new movies were available here. I thought instead of renting ,buying was a good option coz the price of VCD are only 8 SR .

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