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My 3rd Week

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Day 14

Date:- 31th May 2004,

Today, on my first day of the 3rd week here, I Woke up at 11:30 am and waited for evening to come as today we were going to PC-NET. I updated my site and then after eating lunch played my games on PS2 till 5 pm.

In the evening Dad came and informed us that there was again shooting in Dammam, so again we cancelled our outing. So we ate Aloo paratha for dinner and then saw "Lion King 1 1/2" on DVD and later we saw tv and then slept.

The violence here in Khobar is getting more and more serious. The killing here has increased so much making us not able to go out. Yesterday 22 people were killed among whom 50% were asians. The terrorists are asking if they are muslims and then killing only non-muslims. See the news for more information.

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Day 15

Date:- 1th June 2004,

Today I Woke up at 11:00 am and after the regular work I played my game "sphinx and the cursed mummy" till 6 pm.

Then after shutting down the Ps2 my dad came and then we ate dinner. After we ate dinner we got ready to go out after 3 days. We went to Alisa Souk and exchanged the DVD ( Home on the range,Lion king 1 1/2 and finding nemo ) for another DVD with movies ,Matrix Revolutions,The rundown,Master and commander and the missing, for free .

After exchanging the DVD we went to PC-NET, after a Many days of waiting. We dropped mom at Clothes shop and we moved on to our computer shops. We were looking for "GeForce 4 Ti 4200/4800" for many days but couldn't find it without the extra feature of TV Capture card. The one we found till today was GeForce 4 Ti 4400 with TV-in and was priced at 600 riyals.

Today we found The exact card we wanted with tv-in for 330 riyals only and also found the usual Radeon 9200 Se for 220 riyals. We thought we will do a little more surveying before buying coz we found what we wanted in the first shop itself. When we completed our survey and thought of taking from the first shop we found the shop closed and couldnt take it. It was 10:00 pm So all the shops were closing.

we saw some cell phone models. There was a 3310 nokia model for second hand priced at 150 riyals. It was very neat and good looking for a second hand model.

We then went back to the clothes shop and looked at the choices of mom for dad and bought them. As it was Dad's Birthday on 3rd mom wanted to buy new clothes for Dad.

After we returned home we saw "Darkman" the movie on TV and slept at 11:30 pm.

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Day 16

Date:- 2th June 2004,

Today I Woke up at 10:45 am . Today I felt like the days are suddenly passing very fast. I updated my site, ate lunch with with everyone and and then ate my TUB ICECREAM (ICECREAM IN A TUB), which we bought for 7.5 riyals in an offer. Then I continued my gameplay of "Sphinx" till 4 pm.

Today I stopped playing at 4 pm itself coz I, My mom and me were going out to PC-NET area again coz my mom wanted to exchange some clothes she bought the other day for Dad's Birthday. And then we ( Me and my bro went to buy the graphic card we saw last night for 350 riyals (NVidia Geforce4 Ti 4200 with Tv Capture facilty). we saw in some more shops for that card for cheaper price. But none had that card (As it was mentioned in the sites that it is rare to find those cards). So we returned to that shop in the last and as we couldnt bargain with that person we took it for 350 riyals.

So finally we bought the graphic card which we all the time wanted. We got a great and rare card for so less price. Then we went back to mom and shopped some more.

Then we returned home and saw TV. When Dad returned in the evening from office. Mom told us all that PURUSHOTTAM uncle and his family was coming to our house right now.

When they arrived we were watching "Big Momma's house" on "Channel 2" . Then my brother after some time of sitting and talking went and brought some KUPPUS for dinner. I played for the whole time with their little son ,Very cute, Pavan. Uncle saw the Music system and the reciever and was praising us for such a good choice. He was impressed by the output in Dolby Digital.

Then we ate Dinner and later went out into the garden inside the compound itself. Pavan enjoyed a lot in the park with us. I and my brother played Basket ball and enjoyed a lot in the night till they left.

After they left we went in and found the time to be 10:15 pm . so we saw for any movies on TV and found the movie "INDEPENDENCE DAY" coming on "channel 2" . As we saw the movie 3 times already we decided to see "The Rundown", starring WWE's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, from the DVD we bought recently at ALISSA Souk.

The movie was very nice with good amount of comedy. We enjoyed the movie with Coke tins and ice cream. After the movie , I wished my dad "Happy Birthday" as on 3rd was his birthday and then we slept.

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Day 17

Date:- 3th June 2004,

Today I Woke up at 11:00 am . Today was my dad's birthday. After lunch I played PS2 for 7 hours till 7 pm and then at 8 pm we left for a birthday party of another person from hyderabad. We enjoyed the party and then returned home at 11 pm and then slept at 12:00 am.

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Day 18

Date:- 4th June 2004,

Today I Woke up at 10:00 am. Today as it was friday, Dad's Holiday, We planned to see another movie on DVD. So we started the movie "Master and Commander", Starring Russel Crowe, It was one of those war stories so we enjoyed it a lot.

I ate my TUB icecream during the movie. After half the movie we ate lunch. And then We slept for one hour till 3:30 pm coz we had a plan of going out to shop and also to Purushottam uncles house at 4 pm.

As I like Electronic goods, I looked for new things in the shops. After that I moved on to 2 riyal shops. We looked for shirts and all.

Then my brother bought one movie DVD which had "DareDevil","Spiderman" and "Batman and Robin". We moved on to Uncle's house as it was getting close to prayer time ( all shops close during prayer time ). There we saw the DVD quality and enjoyed talking till 8:40 pm.

Then we went back to The shop in Alissa souk to exchange the dvd with other one coz I didnt like the combination. Then i scanned all the dvds and found the most wanted DVD "Dragon Ball Z 4 movies on 1 DVD".we exchanged for it.

Then we went to khobar mall where when we looked in the ps2 shop there my brother found the most wanted game he wanted (Ratchet and clank 1 and vex) and he was very exited and bought the 2 games for 25 riyals. He wanted those games for a long time but couldnt find the game in any of the shops.

Returned home at 10pm and ate dinner and then watched one of the DBZ movies and the slept at 12:30 am after listening to some songs.

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Day 19

Date:- 5th June 2004,

Today I Woke up at 10:00 am. I gave up my gameplay time to my brother as he wanted to play his newly found games and I sat in front of the Laptop for the whole day ( actually only till 3pm).

After I ate my lunch I did some research for some information on electronic devices and then I Started Playing my game sphinx I played till my dad returned from office and then we saw Etv News about Balakrishna and then saw what movie was coming on Etv and then went out to buy Aloo paratha and some groceries.

The man who made the alo paratha was a pakistani. He made the Aloo paratha very big and oily and excellent. After I returned home I started eating as soon as possible as I wanted to eat it hot.

After eating we saw tv and as the movie on tv was not that good I continued my gameplay till 10;30 pm and then saw TV till 1 am and slept.

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Day 20

Date:- 6th June 2004,

Today I Woke up at 11:00 am. Today my dad got his salary so he bought a 1.5 meter long and big watermelon worth 10 riyals for us. The melon was very very big. I got up and ate the melon for breakfast.

Then I did my usual work on laptop and the saw movie, "DESH PREMEE" , on star plus. Later as the output from the reciever was not coming my brother came and asked me to fix it. I tried to fix it but the problem was not that simple to solve and I couldnt solve it. (Maybe the optical cable because of bending was broken so the signal was not reaching the reciever completely. The cable is worth Rs.325/-.).

Then at 4:30 pm after watching Tv, I and my brother left out for a walk till the XBOX cafe. In this cafe there was XBOX and PS2 with Big screen tvs and games. We can choose any game and play for 10 riyals for 1 hour 1 person or 2 player for one hour on one system for 15 riyals. We took two systems (XBOX , coz we already have PS2) for 1 hour. I chose "KUNG FU CHAOS" which was an excellent game and my brother chose "NINJA GAIDEN". we enjoyed the one hour very very much. We paid 26 riyals and left at 6:20 pm,

Then aftre reaching home, dad returned from office and we saw TV for some time. Till 10:30 pm we tried to repair the optical cord and saw Music channels after that we saw another DBZ movie from the DVD and enjoyed a loy. at 11:30 pm the movie was over. I saw TV and read the reciever manual till 1 pm and then slept.

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