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My 4th Week

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Day 21

Date:- 7th June 2004,

Today I Woke up at 11:30 am. I used the laptop till 1:00 pm and then we ate lunch and then I played PS2. The optic cable was still not working so we couldnt enjoy the 5.1 surround sound during gameplay. When We told Dad about it he said he will get it replaced. I never thought they will take the cable back.

I played till 6:30 pm. Reetu went to dads office and used the internet there to download some game trailers and bring it home. He brought JAK 3 game trailer . The connection in the office was 64kbps line. Near Giant store I saw a 256 kbps leased line cybercafe and its price per hour was 3 riyals only.

At 6:30 pm we left for Gulf tower for computer shops by Taxi and then as we didnt find any good CDs and digital camera we walked to another big mall and took samosa and pakodi for eating for time pass during prayer time. I looked for Nokia 2100 covers but couldnt find any good ones. I saw some digital cameras also but all were very costly ( starting at 899 riyals).

After prayer time we looked in more shops. I saw the demonstration of sony home theatre. It was very nice arrangement, I will also do the same arrangement if possible.

Then we went to some jewelry shops and then went to PC-NET to exchange the optic cable. when we went there and told him that the wire was not working he inistantly changed the wire and gave it to us without hesitation. We took it and came out it was that simmple. In India it doesnt happen this way.

Then we went to buy CDs. Here people selling pirated cds stand on the road and keep saying "CDS CDS CDS", like black ticket sellig people, coz piracy is crime na. Then the man took us to a DARK building and opened a door where many and many Cds were kept on the floor and we had to choose anything for 5 riyals / cd. acyually the price of per cd is 10 riyals but coz we r regular customer of that person he was ready to give us for 5 riyal / cd. We saw "Prince of Persia Sands of time" and "unreal tournament 2k4" (6 cds) and talked for 35 riyals and he said ok for next time coz he was out of stock for unreal tournament.

We then left for some more gold shops and then called our car driver to come and pickup. But the cars were busy in some work so we again took taxi and returned home. Ate paratha with rajma for dinner and Then found the replaced optical cable working fine. My brother was very very happy as the cable was working.

We returned home at 10:30 pm and then I slept at 1:00 am as usual.

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Day 22

Date:- 8th June 2004,

Today I Woke up at 10:30 am.Today also I played my game from after lunch to 6:30 pm . Then in the afternoon we went for a walk till FARM superstores for shopping.

I and my bro had some plans about fixing my "Prince of persia sands of time" game by going to the ps2 repair center but that man didnt want us to use it in anyway . So we left as it was getting close to prayer time. We looked for our parents and then walked and waited for shops to open after 45 mins of prayer.

We took many things for the last week stay in Saudi . Then we returned home and saw the movie "The Missing",starring Tommy Lee Jones, from the DVD we have . It was a very interesting western movie about the past USA. We enjoyed it and then slept at 1 pm.

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Day 23

Date:- 9th June 2004,

Today I Woke up at 11:30 am. Then after the usual laptop work and lunch, I played my usual game (sphinx and the cursed mummy). Today also was my Dad's Birthday. On 3rd his b'day was according "tithi" and today was according to date.

Reetu went to dad's office to use the lan internet and i kept on playing my game till 6:30 pm. At 6:30 pm when they came back I completed the game "Sphinx". So from tomorrow I plan to play either "POP-SAT" or "Splinter Cell" or "Pac Man world 2".

Then from 7:30 pm we saw "Matrix revolutions" on DVD till 10:15 pm. We enjoyed the movie just like we enjoyed it in IMax only smaller screen. After half the movie, one telugu family came and wished Dad and gave gifts and sat for some time and then returned.

I then saw tv till 12:00 pm and then slept listening to radio.

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Day 24

Date:- 10th June 2004,

Today I Woke up at 10:30 am. Today my getting up was a little earlier than other days. I ate cheese kuppus( the regular special breakfast). Then I chatted with Ashish and Rafiq after updating my site.

Then dad came for lunch at 1:30 pm and then I played my game "Prince of persia" after many days and enjoyed it for 30 minutes till 4:00 pm . Then we went to Dammam for shopping ( The same place where we went on the second day to buy Music system) . We looked in many shops for watches , Shoes, computer things and mobile covers.

On the road many people were selling VCDs (English and Hindi) . On the road they were selling "Hellboy", "Van Helsing","Day after tomorrow" and many new movies good qualiy for 8 riyals each but English we thought to buy DVDs so We didnt take VCD. when we went more in we found many Indians selling Latest Hindi and english movies only for 5 riyals each (if bargained from 7 riyals). We took "MAIN HOON NAA" and "YUVA" for 10 riyals. There was AAN and police force also but we didnt want 'em.

We met Purushottam uncle in the shopping area and we shopped together for sometime and then seperated. We went on to toyota market where there is a big shopping mall with varieties of shops having many many things for only 1,2,5 10 riyals. We took 2 PS2 DVDs for only 4 riyals. We enjoyed the game very much in the night till 1:30 am.

Then we went to McDonalds and ate 4 free veg burgers and icecream and returned home in our car by 10:05 pm. we then saw TV for sometime together and then I and my bro played the game (FREQUENCY) I bought till 1:30 am. Then we slept.

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Day 25

Date:- 11th June 2004,

Today I Woke up at 9:30 am. We plan to see the 2 movies we bought yesterday as its a holiday for dad. I will give the VCD to interested friends to see when I come back to HYD.

I got up even earlier than yesterday today and ate Puri for breakfast and sat and updated my website and then got ready to see movie by 12:00 pm . We started seeing the movie "Main Hoon Naa " on Laptop. we finished seeing the movie at 3:30 pm.

The movie had My favourite hero and "HER" favourite hero both in the same movie. The movie was very nice. We have another movie, "Yuva", which we plan to see later.

Then after the movie we rested a bit and then went to Dammam's Toyota market again. We went there at 4:30 pm. We went to shops with toys first. Then we went on and reached gold shop and gave my ring for fixing .

We then ate Icecream and and milkshake from Baskin Robins in there and then during prayer time sat in some seats and then resumed our shopping. I and my bro went to 1 and 2 riyal shops where I saw the games of ps2.

We stayed there till the next prayer time and then returned to khobar's ALISSA SOUK for buying any new movie DVDs, but we didnt find any new movies so we returned home.

Then we went and bought Aloo Paratha and ate for dinner and the saw the Games we bought and then slept at 12:00 am after a little bit of TV ofcourse.

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Day 26

Date:- 12th June 2004,

Today I woke up very very late, at 12:00 pm. Since somedays I was dreaming about the dv4000 cam with flash coz I liked it but it would be better with a flash.

I surfed the net after the lunch today as I got up late today. Then I chatted with Rafiq and then played Prince of persia and found that the game again hangs in the same place so I decided to buy the PC game of "Prince of Persia sands of Time".

Just after playing I and my bro went to PC-Net and bought the games we wanted (Unreal Tournament 2k4 and POPSAT ) . Then we looked for one special cable to connect Laptop output to TV but the man said it was 35 riyals (= 400 rs for just a cable) so we left and looked for it in more shops but everyone pointed only at that shop when they didnt have it.

We then bought a Mic and then in one shop Surpisingly i found my dream digicam ( DV4000 with Flash = DV5000) . and it was 750 riyals. Also there was DV3032 and many other models. If only we would have found these products earlier we would have bought those two definitely.

Then our work was over at around 5:30 pm but the car was busy and it was prayer time so we had no option but to just stand outside. We were made to wait till 6:30 pm to reach home. Then after returning home we saw TV till 10 pm and then slept.

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Day 27

Date:- 13th June 2004,

Today I woke up very very late, at 10:00 pm.Today we plan to go to Dossary tower to look for the cable and the Dv5000.

We in the evening at 7 pm went to Dossary towers as planned after seeing Tv . We went and asked in many shops for the cable but we found it only in one shop and the price was 35 riyals. we anyway took it for 30 riyals and after returning home saw the movie YUVA on TV using Laptop Tv output (using the cable we bought).

Then we slept at 12:30 am.

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