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:This Site contains lots of useful information, or shall i say DATA :D, for CSE students like Programs ,Model Question Papers , and some more. Please do care 2 visit again 2 find out any new addition to this site. Scroll Down for Additions to site...

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::NEED HELP in Programs::

U found these coz "Ranjeesh"(I) told u where to find 'em ;p. But I think it would be better for all of u to work hard and write your own programs instead of downloading and printing ;) ;p

Click on the appropriate subjects' type(Individual File Download or Zipped Files Download) links for downloading.

Subject Individual File All Zipped together
C and DS - Lab Click Here Click Here
JAVA - Lab Click Here Click Here
DBMS - Data Base Management Systems Lab Click Here Click Here
OSSP - Operating Systems and System Programming Lab OS
Click Here
UML - Lab Click Here Click Here
UNIX - Lab Click Here Click Here
LP - Language Processors Lab Click Here Click Here
CN - Computer Networks Lab Click Here Click Here
MMWD - MultiMedia and Web Designing Lab Click Here Click Here

or Here for all Zipped Files directory view.

or Here for Individual Files Directory view.

To download the UML Model Question Papers
Click here and Here

To Download ET Question PapersCick Here.

To Download SE Important Questions Cick Here.

To View some Sample "Statement of Purpose" and "Recommendation Letters" for MS applications click appropriate link

Latest Additions to site :Statement of Purpose Samples for Masters Application

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My yahoo id is "yvranjeesh". I like to solve computer problems so if u wanna ask something (technical) u can chat with me if u find me online. My status is shown below for now.

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